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Conversations with God – my stream of consciousness


“The purpose of relationships is to teach forgiveness.” – A Course in Miracles

Is this a Truth?  I have put miles on the bike contemplating this matter.  This changes everything, doesn’t it? 

What an incredibly powerful paradigm shift.

  • Forgiveness is for the forgiver.
  • Forgiveness releases judgment.
  • Forgiveness releases you.

Let’s consider this axiom:  If forgiveness releases tension, anxiety, anger, depression, then forgiveness is the secret to healing our lives.

Is this the greatest act of love?  Was it not Jesus’ last act on this Earth?  “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”  Maybe this is not a new thought for you, and I feel like I have discovered the alchemy of gold.    

Can the single act of forgiveness hold the key to our health in the greatest SENSE of the word? (Spiritual, Emotional, Nutritional, Structural, Energetic) 

Forgiveness is our spiritual protection.  Why then is it so difficult to offer forgiveness?  Why do we choose to harbor it (even for years) and allow it to create dis-ease of every sort within our minds and bodies?

Anger and depression are fear by another name.  Forgiveness is the ultimate act of love and releases us from our suffering.  Relationships, then, are the vehicle to enlightenment.   

This conversation is definitely worthy of another bike ride.  Catch you on the downshift.

Yours in Love & Peace,


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