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I am taking a 3 week mini-sabbatical from conventional life

Take a picture because I won’t be the same when I return.  21 days of being; all doing is done.  I cannot think of one more thing to concern myself with.  The RV is packed and the gps is set for the mountains.

My only worry in the world is if the trout are biting.  ~ hubby     

√  Car is ready

√  RV is ready

√  Food is packed

√  Bikes are loaded

√  Kids are excited

√  Books, music,  & coffee for me and hubby

√  Crafts, snacks, & movies for kiddos

√  House is ready for showing

√  Final house plans are in our possession

√  Payroll is done

√  Apartment refinancing is finalized

The purpose of this sabbatical is to edit my life, and to increase intention and mindfulness in my life.  Research suggests that it takes 3 weeks to create a new habit, so three weeks makes an intentional length to my vacation – long enough to unlearn life as I now know it and create new habits.

A sabbatical is more than a vacation; it’s a mindset. 

  • I prepared my body and mind for this time. 
  • I have intention and purpose for this time.  
  • I have clear boundaries of what I will do and what I won’t do during this time. 
  • I expect it to be a time of change and new growth.  Albeit, no expectations of the outcome. 
  • I will bring home new energy and greater mindfulness.     

What I’ll be doing:  Untethered & Unplugged, Single-task, Right-brain, Zen-fit activities such as yoga and meditation, hiking and biking, horseback riding and white water rafting.  Lots of reading, writing, and cooking, listening to good music, eating good food, and hanging out with my kiddos, hubby, and good friends.  Trying new things, including a vegan diet.  Studying our houseplans with intent and purpose.  Letting my children be explorers, adventurers, rock climbers, photographers, journalists, and artists. 

What I won’t be doing:  using a dishwasher, watching television, checking facebook, eating out, or running errands. 

This time is about “being” – present, spontaneous, and intuitive.  It won’t be about “doing” – projects or obligations.  I’ll be creating my day based on what my family loves to do – with no worries, frets, or other fears.

This is about raising my frequency, and eliminating static and interference in my life.   Single tasking is about being whole and integrated, not fragmented and compartmentalized.   

My purpose is to live a fear-less life and help others do the same.  My means is Mindful Living and Conscious Parenting.  An intentional, minimalist lifestyle is inherent in Mindful Living and Conscious Parenting.  I am using this sabbatical to put my life in review and create my life by design.       

How can I do this?  The same way you can, if you choose to.

MeditationMinimize. Eliminate the FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real) in your life.  This is the physical and emotional baggage that weighs you down – debts, obligations, and busyness woven into a web of anxiety, anger, and attachment.

Put first things first and never let the things that matter least be at the mercy of the things that matter most. 

PeaceBegin With the End in Mind.  In the process of preparing for the end, you actually begin making the changes necessary to let the new grow.

GratitudeGratitude.  Appreciate what you have already received.  It opens your heart to a life of plenty. 

While I have no commitments to share, and I write every day, so I probably will share (with you) some of my conversations (with myself).  Remember, you are the author and editor of your life.  Don’t compare it to mine or anyone else’s.  Write your own! 

If you want to receive updates while I am on my mini-sabbatical, subscribe by RSS feed or email.   

Planting Seeds of Freedom…Cultivating Mindfulness,


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