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I am a Better Mom When I Train

At the beginning of the year, I committed to a light race training schedule.  Because, I wanted to have time for writing and be open for new endeavors.  The time was well served.  And now, I am ready to add a few races to the calendar.  This is why:  I am a better mom when I train.  

  • When I trust myself, it is easier to trust my children.

  • When I love myself, it is easier to love my children.

  • When I am patient with myself, it is easier to be patient with my children.

  • When I make time for myself, it is easier to make time for my children.

Mindfulness in one area of my life, leads to mindfulness in all areas.  When I gain strength, discipline, and courage on the bike, my whole person reaps the benefits.     

“Doubt yourself and you doubt everything you see.  Judge yourself and you see judges everywhere.  But if you listen to the sound of your own voice, you can rise above doubt and judgment.  And you can see forever.”  ~ Nancy Lopez

Training for me is about the integration and congruency it gives to my life.  Bringing home the trust, love, and patience from the inside out.  Sharing the strength, discipline, and courage with my children is my gift to them.    

One of the repeat life lessons that training gives me is learning to let go of expectations.  Letting go of expectations is probably one of the greatest challenges of life.  And race training gives lots of opportunities to practice.  Here’s just a few that come to mind:

  • Disney Marathon – record cold
  • Lewis & Clark ½ Marathon – torrential down pours and flash floods
  • Chicago Marathon – record heat; closed course
  • Branson ½ Ironman – dehydration
  • MS Mud Run – sprained ankle and pulled calf muscle

It is true for life and parenthood, too.  It is not what we expect.  In fact, the best practice is to have no expectations at all, to not be attached to any outcome. The art of mindful living lies in the present moment – enjoying the journey. 

I don’t just show up for a race without training.  The same is true for life and being a mom.  We could all benefit from some training.

Here’s my latest training endeavors:  YMCA Sprint for a Cause, MS 150, St. Jude Memphis ½ Marathon

In Training,


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