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Happy Travels |Travel Lightly

Happy Travels

As we travel – on plane, train, and automobile – I observe people and their behaviors.  Most people have more baggage than they can carry.  Many people act rushed and rudely.  And more people than not, do not seem happy.

So what is the secret to happy travels?  What is different about the happy travelers?  I began to contemplate that traveling is a defining moment in our lives.  How we show up at the airport is how we show up in life.

Rushed and running late, over-organized and stressed, and how much baggage we carry are the characteristics that depict our lives.   

So what do people stuff in their backpacks and carry with them whereever their travels take them?  The argument with one’s spouse; the deadline from work; the over-due payments; gossip and obligations.  These are just other ways to package and disguise anger, resentment, jealousy, entitlement, and fear. 

How do we identify when we are carrying extra baggage?   We are triggered by the smallest of things. 

It is not the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

It is not the straw that breaks the camel’s back; it is just the last ounce in the baggage before you snap.  It is not the TSA agent that lights your fuse.  It is not the children that set you off.  These events are neutral. 

We choose the meaning of our circumstances.  We label them good or bad.  However, when we are loaded down, it is hard to see anything as neutral.  Everything becomes co-mingled and difficult to separate the cause and affect (emotion).    

What are you carrying around in your backpack that keeps you from enjoying life to the fullest?  What baggage of the past is weighing you down in the present moment?

There is no need to step on a scale to weigh a heavy heart.  If we allow ourselves the stillness to find the awareness, it will present itself. 

The secret to happy travels is to travel lightly.    

Pack up your troubles.   The best way to enjoy the journey is to accept the as-is-ness of our life circumstances.  Go with the flow; poop happens – don’t just wallow in it.  What you choose to put in your backpack is up to you.   

Travel with less stuff.  Baggage is stuff in all its essence – possessions, obligations, debts, worries, and fears.  Baggage weighs you down – emotionally and physically.  Emotional baggage manifests into physical dis-ease. 

Carry the invisible weight-less:  love, joy, happiness, compassion.  Above all, that’s all that matters.  And the only things you can give your children for a true inheritance and a life of plenty.  They are not invisible, however.   Life mirrors what is in the heart.     

Consider for a moment what is in your baggage. 

  1. What are you carrying unnecessarily?    
  2. What is your life reflecting of your heart? 
  3. Do you see a heart of love or fear? 
  4. Is your heart light or heavy? 
  5. What could you eliminate from your backpack?
  6. What do you what to make sure you don’t hand off to your children to carry around?

It is not ironic that the best traveling advice is the best parenting advice is the best advice for a happy life.  Life is a journey without a destination, full of adventure and exploration. 

Traveling and Parenting are tools to enrich the journey, and help us discover our potential and highest self.  When viewed as such, we open ourselves to a whole new world of opportunities and possibilities.     

Happy Travels to you,


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