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The Ultimate Guide to Raising Healthy Kids

Children of Promise

One of the most profoundly simple books of holistic success ever written.  It is a concise compilation of the best practices for raising healthy children.  Many books emphasize parts and pieces; this one wraps theory and practice together and offers practical application for a life of health and happiness.

Children of Promise is a new paradigm of health, a life free of fear causing dis-ease.  Dr. Olson’s definition of health requires balance in all areas of life.  Healthy habits make perfect SENSE.

Spiritual –  Through our spiritual lens, we view our circumstances and make our choices in life.  Learning to ask and receive is the power of prayer and meditation. 

Emotional –   Our emotions are the by-product of our spiritual perspective.  Love is a choice and a mindset.  Learning to live in the present moment is the best means to own our emotions.   

Nutritional – Nutrition is the process of transferring energy from the sun to our bodies; the least removed from the sun, the better the nutrition.  Every system in the body can be improved with proper nutrition. 

Structural – The nervous system manifests our thoughts into reality; good posture is the presentation of inner alignment.

Energetic – Love is pure energy: the intention, the thought, and the motivation from which perfect health radiates.

There are nuggests of gold and pearls of wisdom throughout the book.  The chapters are small, and the impact is big.  Each chapter serves as a reminder that small changes can make a big difference in our lives and the lives of our children.   

Emotions and choices, and ultimately emotions are choices, are the result of our spiritual perspective and life circumstances.  Energy is the life force created by our choices. 

Those who make decisions and act from the source of love create health and the ability to live life to its fullest.  A life of health is found on the path paved with love. 

Children are seeds of divinity entrusted to us.  Our job as parents is to be their gardeners.

  • To provide the fertile soil of presence and gratitude.
  • To cultivate mindfulness and consious choice in our lives.

Ultimately, the guideline for raising healthy kids is to shift our consciousness.  It is an awareness in all areas of our lives that we reap what we sow.  Focus on love; attract health.

Cultivating Health & Happiness,


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