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Not Busy and Not Sorry | Mindfulness

Heaven's reflection on Earth

Heaven's reflection on Earth

Thank you to two dear friends who are learning to live and love more fully, and sharing it with others.  One has simply summed it up for us:  “I am not busy, and I am not sorry.”  And the other has beautifully written it in a poem.  They essentially say the same thing.  One may resonate more clearly for you, so I share both.

Two of the most spoken words in the American women’s vocabulary:  busy and sorry.  I hear women constantly affirm these attributes.  On the surface, they seem benign, even utilitarian.  On a deeper level, they are malignant, spreading poison from mind to body. 

I ask:  “What are you so busy doing?”  “Are you really sorry?”  If so, “for what?”  Busy connotates obligations and meaningless work.  Sorry implies regret and guilt. 

There is another choice.  We do not have to sell ourselves short with obligations and meaningless work, or feel regret and guilt for saying no to matters that don’t matter to us. 

I want to love what I do and do what I love, and not have regret or guilt for the choices that create my life.  Thank you, friend, for saying it how it is:  I am not busy and I am not sorry. 

What if you live a more authentic life; a life congruent with your purpose and the matters that matter most to you:  I choose to be less busy and more mindful of my time, money, and energy.  I am not sorry for being me. 

If you want the “I am not busy and I am not sorry” status, try these simple working tools:

  1. Fear-less.
  2. Live Simply.
  3. Love Whole-heartedly.

This poem captures the essence of being to have.  First, we must be.  We must be still to have what is already within.

Meditation offers silence and stillness,

Seizing the mind chatter.

Silence and stillness allow inner reflection,

Connecting to the soul.

Inner reflection opens the doorway to awareness,

Showing that choices create our lives.

Awareness brings mindfulness,

Empowering this moment.

Mindfulness begets inner peace and happiness,

Giving balance and harmony to our lives.

Inner peace and happiness bear love,

Shining from the Light within.

Love is God.  God is All.  All is Love.

In a moment of mindfulness today, reflect on your busyness and the matters that matter most to you.  The only thing to be sorry for is not being true to yourself, and living and loving whole-heartedly.  Today is a new day, and a new opportunity to bring love and light to your life and family.  Send this to another busy woman, who would like to wear the new badge of mindfulness:  Not Busy and Not Sorry.  

To give our children the gift of a simplified life is a revolutionary concept in today’s busy world.  It is important we allow our children the stillness to find the sacred in the ordinary, the profound in the simple, and love in All.  When we practice mindfulness, our children learn mindfulness. When we are love; God is known. 

Love & Peace to you,


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