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We’re being it: more with less

We are officially committed to simplify life. We met with the architect to create a family oasis, our own little haven of peace and serenity. The plan is simple, mindful, and half the size of our current home. Because of decisions we have already put into practice, we are able to be more with less.

“There are two lasting bequests we can give our children. One is roots. The other is wings.” -Hodding Carter, Jr.

For our children and the values we wish to impart to them, we have shifted our life view and are choosing to see the power of less, and a life of plenty.

1. Less Stuff = More Time: Less stuff to organize, clean, store, and maintain. More time to create, play, travel, and live.

2. Less Consumerism = More Creativity: Less store bought entertainment allows the creativity to flow – draw, write, crochet, hike, garden, read, imagine. Less television and the embedded commercialization definitely lends itself to less consumerism and more creativity.

3. Less Ingredients = More Health: Cooking for ourselves with whole foods has brought us greater energy as a family and better health.

4. Less Friends = Greater Relationships: We don’t have to do it all or accept every invitation, just the most important ones. And when we free ourselves from the opinions of others, we are no longer obliged to do things we don’t wish to do.

5. Less physical clutter = More mental order: When things are in their place, the mind is also in order. My children are much more creative, caring individuals with a prepared environment of a few things than the chaos of many things. The over-stimulation of too much stuff actually creates a lack of concentration and mental dis-order.

6. Less debt = More financial freedom: This is probably the greatest one, because debt can cost a lot emotionally and keep one tied to an unsatisfying job, and often times, consciously or unconsciously, cause one to make decisions whereby the greater values are at the mercy of the lesser. With less or no debt, one can take opportunities as they come and generate a greater wealth of living.

7. Less stress = Greater well-being: Package it all together and life is surely more blissful when we make the time to see the awesomeness in small wonders and experience the abundance of all things good.

More time, more freedom, more opportunities, greater health, greater relationships is a life of purpose. This is our swirling vortex of energy right now, pulling us make a quantum leap to sell our house and downsize, taking with us only that which serves us and leaving all the extra baggage that can only weigh us down.

♣  Today is a new day and a new paradigm. I am living with my eyes wide open, looking for opportunities of abundance in all things, and creating pure potential for my children and my family.

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