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4 Ways to More Vacation Time without Busting the Budget

You may travel the world looking for beauty, love, and happiness. You will come home empty, unless you carry it in your heart.

Blisscipline is my practice of maintaining mind, body, and spirit.  It’s like being on vacation every day.  I wake-up early to prepare my mind, body, and spirit for the day.  It usually includes a short yoga and meditation, and planning my day with intention and purpose – to maintain this alignment throughout the day.  Who says I can’t live like this, guilt free?

I was talking with a friend who had just experienced a blissful morning with her husband – doing nothing, just being.  They sat out on the dock, sipping coffee, and counting the jumping fish.  Three blissful hours past without a care or worry.  Then, the guilt set in:  “OMG, I haven’t done a thing this morning!  I should put in a load of laundry, check my email, run to the grocery store…”  (Always shoulding on ourselves!)

My question for conversation is “Why do we do this to ourselves?  Why do we not allow ourselves to just be, without guilt?  Why is it so hard to give ourselves permission to not be on an agenda with a timetable? 

Bliss is the state of being and contentment.  Bliss is the practice of mindfulness and only available in the present moment.  It is minimizing the interferences, so we can enjoy life.  Bliss can be found in folding clothes, washing dishes, counting the jumping fish, playing chutes and ladders, or swinging in the hammock.  To deny these moments of mindfulness is to deny ourselves bliss.     

Why is it that we think we need a vacation to “get away” and “do the things we enjoy most?”  I am challenging us to re-think our lives.  To get away and vacate is available to us every day, if we allow it. 

Here’s my story: 
My husband and I bought property with a lake and clubhouse.  We have been using it for weekend “getaways.”  We fish, ski, swim, kayak, bike ride, grill and hang-out.  I read and write, and the kids wander around the woods – catch bugs, skip rocks, and build forts.  We clean fish and build campfires.  To us, it is an awesomeness fest.  We have no agenda, no timetable, and no destination.  We create our experiences, not consume them.  We can just be.  And then…we go home. 
bike and skiAnna's favorite spotGirls FishingGoodbye

One day last fall, we had an epiphany, our own ah-ha moment.  Why can we not live like this every day?  Why do we maintain two locations, and treat this as a vacation – a place to get away to, when we can have it every day?

And there it was.  The conversation that changed our thinking and therein changed our lives.  We decided at that moment to simplify our lives and make this our new way of life, not just a getaway.

From the time of that conversation to the move will be approximately 1 ½ years.  We began with the end in mind and are becoming the simplified lifestyle.  We never could have gained this freedom if we were trying to compare, compete, conform and all those fear-full things.  

Sustainable change is Think-Do-Have:  First, we changed our thinking – I have a life of plenty.  We are now in the do phase – simplifying, reducing, minimizing, and practicing mindfulness to find our right-size.  By all accounts, we are creating our dream home and living our dream life.

The point of this story is to offer contemplation to your life.  If you need a vacation to “get away,” maybe it is time to re-think your life.  Where do you find your blisscipline?  What does awesomeness feel like to you?  How can you create it every day? 

There is no need to go somewhere to get it; it is available to you where you are and within your means.   It is probably as close as your front porch.    

I now know, I do not have to move or go to some exotic island to escape my life.  Our home is a vacation destination for our family.  Our home is devoted to pleasure and relaxation, a place of rest and freedom from meaningless work.

Here are 4 simple ways to create more vacation time without busting the budget.  Consider it a home remodel and convert your home to a vacation destination every day:

  1. Concentrate on matters that matter most and minimize meaningless work (obligations, tasks, to-dos, and stuff).
  2. Focus on improving myself.  I am the secret to my peaceful (vacation) home. 
  3. Live like I’m on vacation.  I have a life of plenty.  Enjoy my life.
  4. Practice mindfulness – open space in my heart, mind, and home. 

My purpose in this conversation is to hold myself accountable.  To be the change.  To lead a fear-less life, and inspire you to do the same.  Share the love and spread the peace.  

Cultivating mindfulness,


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