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What’s your story?

If we want a better life, sometimes we just have to throw ourselves into the story.  When my friend asked me to join her team for the MS Mud Run, I knew it was a script for a good story.  I am looking for opportunities to try something new, extend out of my comfort zone, and live a better story.

Every good story begins with a protagonist who must overcome a great challenge or fear.  What is the fear that is holding you back from living your life to its fullest?  When asked this question, most people shout out something that falls under

  • Lack of fitness
  • Lack of health

Let me propose a new way of thinking.  If you are waiting to get in shape, to lose 30 pounds, to stop smoking, and to start taking care of yourself before you decide to start living your real life, you will never get to it.  If however, you throw yourself into the story, you will begin to live life congruent with that new self.    

The “change cycle ” is “I am, begets I do, begets I have.”  Translation:  how I think creates my behavior, which produces my results.  Effective change must begin at the “I am” (thinking) stage.  Focusing on the behavior will not produce long-term, sustainable results.    

Why then do we spend so much energy focused on the behavior?  Trying to stop smoking, trying to eat healthier, trying to lose weight, trying to lower our blood pressure.   And tell ourselves when all this happens, I will live the life I want:  I will get back on my horse; I will take the kids for a bike ride; I will build a garden;  I will climb Pike’s Peak; I will run a marathon; I will take my grandchildren for a hike; I will travel to Napel. 

You are attached to your FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real).  There is great power in fear – the power to hold you back or the power to propel you to new heights.  You give strength to whichever you choose to feed. 

Consider for a moment the potential for your growth as a person that lies in your FEAR (False Evidence Appearing Real).

What if you chose instead  to just do it – sign up for the Vino Fondo.  Just for fun.  And then begin to live your life with the end in mind.  What would you do?


  • I am a cyclist.  I plan my rides, meals, recovery, and sleep accordingly.


  • Bike ride.
  • Go to the gym.  Hire a trainer.  Join bootcamp.
  • Eat healthy – for endurance and building muscle.


  • New friends.
  • Better Health.
  • Better Body.  (Weight lose is an end, not a means). 

The new you is a happier person, a more trusting spouse, and a more loving parent.  And, this new you is now the baseline for more growth.  The new you understands that change in one aspect of life produces change in all aspects of your life.  The new you has better sex.  The new you gets the career you love.  The new you inspires others.    

Whatever your interest, there is a story ready to be written:  3K to ultramarathon, sprint to Ironman, something for a cause (Adventure Race, Mud Run, MS 150, Race for the Cure), something for a group, hike the Katy Trail, kayak across the state, yoga for life, learn to row, swim or surf.

The story about not having enough (fitness, health, time) has already been written.  It’s time to write a better story and lead a fuller life.  Go ahead.  Jump.

Have a friend – standing on the dock – be the inspiration.  Spread this article and keep the conversation going.  Keep me posted. 


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