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I AM | the secret to my peaceful home

What is wrong with my home?  I AM.  What is right with my home?  I AM.  If the answers to these questions resonate with you, this “homework” is for you.     

“I AM” is the shift in consciousness, a shift of orientation, a new paradigm, that can transform our homes and our earth.  If I want a peaceful home, I must be peaceful.  When we are all part of this movement, we create peace on earth. 

Fill my home with peace, and create a whole new earth.  When we know what we want and what it looks and feels like to us, the how-to’s grow organically.  Once you know how it “feels,” it is easier to know what to do.  You can’t skip to the how-to.  You can’t use someone else’s how-to.

Spend some quiet contemplation time on each of the 7 Habits of a peaceful home.

  • A place where everyone serves a purpose

Be Proactive:  I am free to choose and I am responsible for my choices.

  • A place where everyone is allowed to create a meaningful contribution. 

Begin with the end in mind:   mental creation precedes physical creation.

  • A place where everyone has influence in decision making. 

Put First Things First:  effectiveness requires the integrity to act on my priorities.

  • A place where everyone is loved without conditions.

Think Win-Win:  effective, long-term relationships require mutual respect and mutual benefit.

  • A place where everyone is free to find her own voice.

Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood:  to effective communicate, I must first understand.

  • A place where trust is known.

Synergy:  the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

  • A place where everyone feels connected with something greater than oneself.

Sharpen the Saw:  to maintain and increase effectiveness, I must renew myself in mind, body, and spirit.

Conscious parenting is connecting the awareness with action – raise our consciousness and raise our children.

What is the gap between knowing it and living it? 

For many families, it is all the stuff.  It is the supercharge effect:  the kids have too much energy, dad has too much tension, mom has too much static, the parents have too much friction, the home has too much stuff, and everyone has too many activities.

To simplify life is the key to living our peace.  To not be afraid of the space between where you are and where you want to be  is paramount.  Leaning into your fears, the unknown and the challenges, is your opportunity for growth.  Doing what you’re doing just maintains the status quo.  

How then do these 7 Habits manifest in our parenting philosophies?  They offer a new way to make decisions.  Simply having the awareness, and the stillness to ask, “ How would love respond?” gives great insight and allows the answer to bloom from within.  The key to remember:  it is the energy that teaches the lesson, not the matter. 

  • Money and allowances:  Less Paranoia, More Peace.
  • Discipline:  Less Rules, More Self-Discipline.
  • Household Management:  Less Chores, More Cooperation.
  • Bedtime:  Less Resistance, More Love. 

When I change my thinking, I change the energy of my home.  This is The Secret – the Law of Attraction.  It is the principle by which all energy flows.  We can choose to work with it, and we can’t defy it.  I must be the change I want to see in my home, and on earth.

Take a few moments to describe your peaceful home.  Use single words or phrases.  Visit – create your personal word cloud describing your peaceful home.  Print and display.  If this is what you truly want, then make the choices in your life that cultivate these seeds, and grow a peaceful home.

Let Go of the Rushed Life by Guy Finley 

Deliberately dare to slow down your life when everything in you — or around you — is screaming “Rush.”

Cultivating Peace & Love,


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