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Stop excusing yourself | Start living a real life


I chose to run, then write.

My first message of the day, from my number one fan:  “Have whatever kind of day you choose.  Love you.”  Thank you for the wake-up call.  That’s right…my day is up to me and your day is up to you.  I am not sure what my day will look like, and I know how it will feel – peaceful and loving. 

So why are there so many excuses out there?  Listen to yourself and others.  Every excuse for not living and loving to the fullest is fear.  Fear is you thinking you should, are suppose to, have to, or can’t because…you are comparing, competing, conforming, and compensating. 

This is what stress can look like.

This is what stress can look like. Be mindful what you compete for – this house sits empty.

All this accumulating, accomplishing, achieving, comparing, competing, conforming, perfecting, performing, and producing is bundled together into one big fat migraine, and generically called stress. 

Stress is the fear in your life, your personal Fear Matrix .  You can treat the symptoms or you can eliminate the cause.  Love will set you free.  Love is your freedom from the stress in your life.  Love more and fear less is your golden ticket to live a real life.    

This fear-less story is about taking risks, seizing opportunity, leading with love, and following your purpose.  This is one person’s transformation into a Life Entrepreneur.

My friend gave up her excuses and found freedom.  She realized she had a fear-based career, and has wanted out for some time.  She had every excuse why she could not leave.  All her excuses were legitimate and reality-based.  And then she had an epiphany and remembered, “I am the creator of said reality; therefore, I can change my reality.”  And she did. 

Let me fill you in on her biggest fear – MONEY.  She entered the career because it paid well and offered flexible hours.  Two pretty important matters for a working mother.  She felt the family was dependent on her job, that she really could not leave this job.  To fast forward several months and with the support of her husband, she quit that good-paying, flexible-hours, albeit fear-based job.

She quit her job and spent some time soul searching.  She didn’t know exactly what she wanted, and she knew what it would feel like.  In a late night, heart-to-heart conversation, an intuitive friend told her of an opportunity.  She knew that was it, what she was to do.

It was a leap of faith based on her purpose and highest values.  It was from her source of love.  Within the first week of leaving her job, her commission-paid husband doubled his salary.  Her fear had been suffocating the family.      

  • To see her now is to know the definition of radiant beauty.
  • Her marriage is happier.
  • Her home is peaceful.
  • She is in pursuit of a new career.

And momentum is on her side.  I can’t wait to catch up with her each week; just to hear what’s new.  Once you have a taste of freedom in one area of your life, you can recognize the fear in other areas, and create more freedom.  It could be called a muscle – the creative muscle.  The more you use it, the stronger it becomes.  Don’t use it, and it withers.   

Is your fear causing unnecessary stress?  Is your fear suffocating your family?  Your path of least resistance is a life of plenty.  Recognize what is most important in your life, and what is holding you back from living a stress-less, fear-less life.

Sissy's foal

1 week old, Late Arrival (named after a 400-day gestation)

I am on way to pick up my children from school.  What would a fear-less life look like to a child?  I am going to take them to Crescent Ridge Ranch.  Let them see the beauty and miracle of a new foal.  Maybe I’ll make spaceships with Henry.      

Cultivating the Courage to be Free,


My Child's Gardener Badge

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