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My Perfect Pace

Perfect Pace

To all my friends running Go! St. Louis today, may you find your perfect pace and the endurance to finish your race.

As a runner and in life, I am continually trying to find my perfect pace.  This is the second part of Why I Run.  If why I run is to be more mindful, then my perfect pace is with patience, presence, and purpose.  

I knew the next conversation would be in a moment of mindfulness.  It occurred not while running, but at yoga.  I listen to the words of the facilitator, “Action-Pause-Action-Pause.  The renewal is in the rest.  It prepares our mind and body for the next move.”  Ultimately, our past is the platform for our future.  

As we begin the yoga class, the instructor suggests, “Release whatever you’re holding on to, whatever is holding you back.”  That’s it…that’s it.  

Release whatever is holding you back from being present, from being your best, from love. 

I feel like I am living in parallel universes – one of fear and one of love.  My past of what I am moving away from; my future of what I am moving towards.  And my present is the interaction of these two.  Are we not walking through the garden of forking paths, always choosing one reality or the other?         

It’s the attachment, the holding on to, that causes the pain.  It may be a matter of semantics to call it “letting go” or “accepting.”  The reality is: the past is part of us.  I am who I am because of, and including, my past.    

Yesterday’s peak becomes today’s base-line for tomorrow’s growth.  With this paradigm, maybe it is easier to lovingly integrate our past, present, and future into a fear-less life. 

Stress is the dynamic tension between the forces of fear and love. Peace lies in removing ourselves from the center of the universe.  When we are living our ultimate purpose – humanity – we are love. 

In remembrance of the Sabbath, I am mindful; I am love. 

Always You by Guy Finley 

Before I dream may I hope for you.
Before I long may I reach for you.
Before I judge may I listen to you.
Before I rush may I rest with you. 

Before I shout may I call on you.
Before I doubt may I hear from you.
Before I brag may I point to you.
Before I fear may I trust in you.
Before I act may I remember you… 

So that in these things, in all I do,
It is not I that am first, but always you. 

When we slow down, the opportunities to live on purpose are all around.  Only when we are mindful can we discern opportunities from obstacles, and love from fear.  Often there is nothing that changes in our circumstances.  Nothing that is, except our perspective. 

Back to the original question:  What is my perfect pace to have the endurance to finish my race?  My perfect pace is patient, present, and purposeful.

What’s your perfect pace?  

Cultivating Mindfulness, 


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