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Conscious Parenting Begins in the Womb

Welcome.  This is an interview with Dr. Whitney Hamed, friend, chiropractor, and author of

Whitney is a Life Entrepreneur, role model, and inspiration to me.  Whitney recently welcomed her newest addition to the family, Taylor Olivia.  She has a unique birthing story.  I asked her to share a bit of her story – where she finds the trust and authenticity to be true to herself.

What I love about her story is that her children were born in a state of love, and they must know this energy.  It is so beautiful and powerful, to enter this world in love.

The purpose of My Well Pregnancy is to celebrate the message that women are stronger than the fear-based model allows them to believe, and there are many ways women can incorporate more love and less fear in their birthing story.  Some of Dr. Whitney’s key points of awareness include:

  • Faith and Trust in myself as a woman.
  • What I want (Love) is bigger than fear.
  • Find support –get the people I need on board.
  • Know what I want and create it – set the stage for my bonding and parenting confidence as a mother.

My Well Pregnancy is only one part of the bigger story, and yet represents the Life Entrepreneur – purpose, creativity, influence, love, authenticity, trust, and connection.

How we show up at these defining moments of life is how we show up for life – in love or in fear.

To bridge our two messages, Dr. Whitney suggests, “Conscious parenting begins in the womb.  Lead with love.  Trust your intuition and your personal power as a woman.”

Dr. Whitney asked me to give my 3 top parenting tips for maintaining Conscious Parenting in our daily life.

  • Get up early – set your intentions and purpose for the day.
  • Take out the trash – get rid of any negative energy and fears that rot from the inside out.
  • Make love everywhere you go – plant seeds of kindness and love everywhere you go – the grocery store, the post office, the doctor’s office, school, work, and of course home.

These seeds of love we plant will grow into a life of love of their own.  And meaningful days strung together make a meaningful life.

I would like to give a special thanks to Dr. Whitney, friend and Life Entrepreneur, for sharing her story.  Continue this conversation with us.  Subscribe to and

Cultivating Love & Peace,


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