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Practice Crossing the Bridge

Crossing the BridgeI am excited to share my interview with a Life Entrepreneur.  She is also a mother of 3, yogini, dancer and choreographer, health & wellness advocate, and friend.  When I asked for the interview, she said, “Sure, but I don’t know what my story is.”  Exactly my point – Life Entrepreneurship is a habit, a lifestyle.  It is the essence of who they are, how they live, and what they have. 

One aspect that uniquely positions Life Entrepreneurs is resilience.  It isn’t that life has given them a bed of thornless roses.  It is that they handle the thorns of life with great awareness, a higher consciousness.

Like so many families in today’s economy, this family experienced a major career change that prompted a cross-country move.  As you read my questions and her answers, you will notice her beliefs give her the courage to trust, and ultimately to have peace in the face of uncertainty.  If you want to change how you respond to circumstances, then you must first change your perspective.  Here’s her story in all its sophisticated simplicity.

Can you briefly explain how you and your family were able to take your husband’s major career transition and make it a growth opportunity?  Isn’t every opportunity, challenge, and experience a growth opportunity?  Did it create new challenges and sacrifices for our family?  It may have, and we embraced them like we do every new day.  Accepting change openly has given us exposure to many new people and cities that I would have otherwise missed.  Life is a journey.

How are you able to see opportunities instead of obstacles?  For us, it begins with gratefulness and thankfulness for the life and breath we have, and everything blossoms from there.

How do you keep yourself leveraged against the rip tides and gently go with the flow on the river of life?  I focus myself on continuing to grow while embracing and understanding that I can only control my reactions and behaviors and not the world around me.

Where you able to immediately release the “attachment” to a job, the prestige and paycheck?  I don’t think there is much value in prestige for a couple of reasons:  1) It’s backward looking.  Prestige is contingent on things that you have done in the past.  2)  Prestige connotes acclaim from others, and well, that’s just not that important to me.  A job is a little different, especially if you are lucky enough to do something that you love.  I think it just comes down to how centered you are with your values and where your job and money fit in.

Crossing the BridgeWhat brought you across the bridge of fear?  Its own worthlessness.  It wasn’t until my mid 20’s that I began to understand fear and how it had been poisoning my life.

Do you believe we are made stronger through the challenges of life?  I think we can be, if we choose to.  It’s each individual’s choice.  We can learn and grow from our experiences or impugn the grandness that life is.

Who or what do you owe your resilience to?  Worthiness in me, confidence in my spouse, and the belief that life is good. 

Is there anything else you think is appropriate for our readers to know about you?  You have to release the fear.  I was a terrified child raised by a mother who is still trapped in fear.  It is everything to me to raise children who find their passions, and that they follow them without any concern for money or prestige.

Thank you for bringing it full circle for us.  Life Entrepreneurship is a direct link to conscious parenting.  How we face the challenges of  life is how we parent -from love, or from fear.  The choice is yours.

Crossing the BridgeWe give our children our blessing to do what they love by our example.  If our children are to lead a life of love, we must role model a life of love and practice crossing the bridge together.  The other side is a life of plenty. 

Cultivating the courage to live whole-heartedly,


My Child's Gardener Badge

Dear Friend, Thank you for sharing your story.  It inspires me, as I know it will inspire others to write a better story of their lives.  You are a beautiful character, and it makes for a beautiful life.

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