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Getting Small in the Mountains

Getting Small in the MountainsMy simplify life theme for this year is Think Big, Live Small. I can’t think of a better place to re-focus my intentions than the mountains. I am looking for more than a moment of mindfulness; I want a state of mindfulness for me and my family.

What does it really mean to us to Think Big, Live Small?
• Live smaller and more sustainable in a world of bigger and faster (and still not enough).
• Give more and take less.
• Create more and consume less.
• Build up without tearing down.
• Respect more and waste less of our resources (time, money, nature, food, etc).
• Leave a smaller footprint and a bigger legacy.

“The more I take; the less I become. The more I give; the more I become.”

I am still trying to figure out what it looks like in real life for me and my family. The awareness alone feels like freedom. And now, I am sequestering the courage to carry it out. I don’t know exactly what it will look like for us, but I am beginning to put together the elements.

Reverence & Presence. If ever I felt small, it is in the vastness of the mountains. This was a time of great reverence for the cosmos and beauty of nature. Riding alone on a 12-minute chairlift is a presence of orgasmic proportion. To experience it several times for many days is epic. I found this to be the perfect conditions for re-focusing my perspective, removing myself from the center stage of the universe. Having the mindfulness to see everyone as a contributor and all living beings as a part of the plan, is to see the sacred in the ordinary. The power of presence is to have reverence for All.

Grounded & Connected.Physically or metaphorically, a drive up the mountains is a down shift into slow gear. Traveling light and with the least baggage creates less strain and the most effective mileage. Away from distractions, we discover what we truly enjoy and appreciate in life. Grounded in values, they become the censorship for decision-making. Without deep roots would be like flailing in the Kansas wind. From deep roots grows strong connections.

Courage & Compassion. Courage and compassion are the freedom fighting tickets to a fear-less life. Fear keeps the focus on “me.” I am moving the focal point of the big picture from me to others. In life, in parenting, or skiing, it requires courage to take risks and be open to new experiences. Skiing is the perfect place to practice risk-taking – the perceived risks are high; the rewards are even greater. Falling and failing means we tried. We got back up and were stronger for it. To experience this as a family is priceless and we will reap the dividends throughout life. In life, the fear of failure can isolate one into never fully living or knowing what one is capable of it. No one has personal power until they realize they can fall and get back up with a new resolve.

Our current meaning to Think Big and Live Small, is to eliminate the waste and excess in our lives so that we may live to our fullest. We don’t need extra to-dos, commitments, possessions, and emotions to carry on this journey. We are here to live and love whole-heartedly, without the weight of fear. More love and less fear is the only way to live simply, and simply live.

Conscious living requires a sabbatical or a Sabbath, a time of rest for the body, mind, and soul. A time to renew, recharge, and revitalize. A time to remember the important and re-align with purpose and intention. Plan yours today.

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Love & Peace to you,

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