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Recipe for Love

Colorado stream

"Don't say no; Go with the flow." ~ Henry's favorite intention

If feeding love grows happy kids (revisit Feed Love | Grow Happy Kids), then let’s exchange some recipes for love.

One of my favorites is Deepak Chopra’s, The Seven Spiritual Laws for Parents.  He takes big, cosmos concepts and states them in 7 simple statements of intention.  The idea is that this makes it easy to share with our children.  The truth is:  this makes it easy for us to learn and then role model to our children. 

“There is no garden without a gardener.”

You are hopefully beginning to now see that the secret to conscious parenting is being present and nurturing your own happiness.  After all, there is no garden without a gardener.   For me, parenting is a spiritual experience.   And my strengths and weaknesses are manifested through my parenting in a symbiotic relationship between me and my children.  Interesting how each of my children reflect different parts of me and my husband.  The better we get to know our selves, the better we recognize these aspects in our children.  This is important because it separates child’s worth from child’s behavior.      

Love values the intrinsic worth of self and others.  Love is holistic and sees that the worth of an individual is greater than the sum total of its parts.  We are not measured by our accomplishments or failures.  Children cannot be measured by their performances or deficits.  (Though that is what fear would have us believe and often act upon). 

God has been patient with us.  Maybe we can extend the same love and patience with our children, as they make mistakes, learn lessons, and grow into their potential.  It is even possible that our children are traveling in our growth curve, and are still reflecting our old self.  And while that mirrored reminder can be painful, let’s remember how far we have come on this journey of life.

I begin each day with one intention of The Seven Spiritual Laws.  It is a means to concentrate, complex to simple, and apply it to everyday life.  It is amazing how many opportunities arise to offer these beliefs to my children.  When fear creeps up, I have beliefs and language of love to give:  “Everything is possible,”  “If you want something, then give it first,” “Don’t say no; go with the flow.”  If not prepared, we likely default to our subconscious fear-based responses.    

  1. Monday –  Everything is possible.
  2. Tuesday – If you want to get something, give it.
  3. Wednesday –When you make a choice, you create the future.
  4.  Thursday – Don’t say no; go with the flow.
  5. Friday – Every time you wish, you plant a seed.
  6. Saturday – Enjoy the journey.
  7. Sunday – You are here for a reason.

This is my gift to you – a prayer of love to share with your children:  “I love you for you, not what you have done, or what you’ll become.”  Think about the power in that prayer. This is authentic and unconditional love.  Is it the prayer of your heart?  Are your words and actions congruent with your heart’s intention? 

Begin and end the day with love, and you will have lived on purpose.  The best parenting tool is available to you.  Feed the love and grow happy kids.  The secret ingredient in the recipe for love is to create it from scratch, not by comparing, competing, or conforming.  Fear-based, reacting and responding  is a recipe for disaster.  Please share your recipes for love. 

Cultivating Love,


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