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What’s your 4:00 mile for 2011?

Happy New Year and welcome to My Child’s Gardener.  I am as giddy as a horse in the starting gate to introduce you to my 4:00 mile for 2011! 

I was asked this question just a couple of weeks ago, by the facilitator of a ladies empowerment group that I participate in.  We have been doing work on our fearless self and breaking through our barriers of fear.  The question was posed, “What is your 4:00 mile for 2011?”  Meaning what goal will you set outside your limits, a challenge to break your  barriers.  This is of course in reference to the first sub 4:00 mile run by Roger Bannister in 1954.   

I immediately went home from my group and had the conversation with my children.  My six and seven year old daughters got it!  And they knew on the spot what their 4:00 mile would be.  Anna(6) was the first to proclaim, “Lope my horse.”  Emily (7) ran to her notebook and wrote the following:  For 2011, I would like to move to the porpoise swim class, finish writing my Jasmine story, and complete the Read, Right, Run Marathon

While this was my first time to have this specific conversation, goals and dreams are not new concepts to our family.  As business owners and 7Habits practitioners, goal setting, course correcting, and risk taking are familiar lingo at the dinner table. 

Probably the most significant point to this story and what we often forget, or even squelch, is that children are natual explorers and risk-takers.  They are not afraid of failure or success, or any of the other fears that keep us from going for it.  Often children are our mirrors, a perfect imbodiment of our fears, acting them out and we reinforce them.  I believe children can feel our fears through our energy of words, actions, and inactions. If we could just remember, at one time in our lives, we too believed we could do anything.   

In my effort of conscious parenting, I am mindful of my own fears, and the role we as parents play in passing those fears to our children.  I am making a concerted effort to let go of my fears and possess the courage to be free, to be me, and to be a writer.  And since I had the conversation and know my daughters’ dreams for 2011, I will do everything possible to help them achieve their dreams too.

The only way to cultivate courage in our children is to plant seeds of courage in them and live our own true fearless self. 

So, what’s your 4:00 mile?  Go ahead, share it with your children.  (The only thing that can keep you from your goal is yourself).      

I am my child’s gardener.

Love & Peace,


♣  Have the conversation with your child.  What’s her 4:00 mile for 2011?

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